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LEAR Earphone Reshell Service


What is the LEAR reshell service?


  • Transform your universal fit earphones to a pair of custom-fit earphones
  • Repair/reshell your old custom-fit earphones to a new pair of custom-fit earphones
  • Improve and upgrade your current earphones to a new level!
  • You want something unique and special designs.


The LEAR reshell service transforms the universal fit earphones you love into a set that is customized to the shape of your ear. After the reshell is complete, you will have a new set of earphones that have been molded to fit the contours of your outer ear and ear canal. Our custom shells are not only comfortable, but they also provide superior isolation and preserve the sound quality of the original earphones. 


Do my earphones need to be reshelled?

General-use, universal-fit earphones are designed to be versatile and work for a large variety of users. Because of this, their design includes removable ear tips (or foams) that users can easily replace.

With these universal models, users can choose their own ear tips based on size, shape or design, going with a model that works best for them.

While this design is convenient, the size and shape of your ear tips can lead to a significant change in sound quality. This change could be beneficial, but it could also be detrimental to the overall listening experience.

After reshelling, users no longer need ear tips. Instead, the outer shell of the earphone will already be perfectly fitted to the shape of the user's ear. In addition, you'll no longer need to worry about wearing uncomfortable eartips or having to replace earbud covers after normal wear and tear!


Your reshelled earphones will produce the same high-quality sound!

In addition, if the earphones you love have been damaged (this includes aesthetic damage to the outer shell, problems with the armature driver or internal frequency issues)  and you can't find a good maintenance provider, consider letting us reshell them. We can breathe new life into the earphones you were ready to throw away, both repairing the damage and providing you with new, customized shells. 

Earphones are often used for long periods of time, so internal components can be damaged in different ways. One of the most easily identified but commonly overlooked problems is wax and dirt collecting in the acoustic tubes, which can considerably dim and soften the sound. To solve this problem, the mesh caps on the earbuds must be completely replaced. A LEAR reshell takes care of problems like this along with many others. 


The Benefits of LEAR Hong Kong Reshelling

Unified standards and an integrated local manufacturing process mean that with the LEAR reshell service, you'll enjoy the following benefits:


From making your ear impressions to completing the final shell, the entire reshelling process is handled by a combination of designated audiologists and our highly-experienced team of professionals. All aspects of the process adhere to a set of unified production standards. This minimizes errors and mistakes frequently caused by the use of third-party vendors and greatly reduces the chance that any portion of your new reshelled earphones fit less than perfectly (or require additional adjustments).

Everything is manufactured and processed in Hong Kong, and your original earphones are not sent back to Mainland China for any portion of the process. This means there is absolutely no risk of your earphones being damaged during transport! In addition, because they are manufactured in Hong Kong, foreign customers can avoid import tariffs and the annoyance of additional fees or customs declaration.

Our unified service model allows us to easily follow up on individual orders and provide the fastest production and delivery possible. This means you can get your custom earphones back in as few as seven business days (includes additional surcharge).

The entire process is managed by the LEAR team of dedicated professionals, working out of our Hong Kong-based production facility. You can place complete trust in the hands of our coordinated, highly-skilled team.

LEAR Reshelling service is starting from HK$1688 up!

Inquires: WhatsApp:  (+852)5461 5513 or Call Tel : (+852) 5469 9621

Earphone Reshell

    WESTONE UM PRO30 Reshelled by LEAR!

    Highly complicated 64Audio U12 with ADEL / APEX module has been reshelled!

    Thank you for your trust and support.

    Here, if everyone has a strange and challenging problem on the earphones, and nobody helps you, as long as you are willing to pay, we will be more than happy to try our best to help everyone resolve the problems!

    GOD IS LOVE @ Exclusive Shure SE846 Reshell Program



    The design of the SE846, Shure's flagship earphones, feature innovative adjustable sound signatures and unparalleled sound quality.

    The design of the original universal shell, however, may not perfectly match each user's ear.

    This imperfect fit can seriously affect the overall performance of the headphones. 

     We each have a unique set of ears. Besides, the average person's left and right ears differ slightly in size and shape. Because of this, there is no way that a standard-sized earbud or cover will perfectly fit the shape and size of an individual user's ear.

    This imperfect design can lead to problems ranging from inadequate bass response to a loss of sound isolation, significantly affecting sound quality and the user's overall listening experience.


    We preserve the unique design of the original earphones


    The LEAR reshell program, exclusively designed for the Shure SE846 earphones, fully keeps the original Shure design (including adjustable sound signatures via changeable nozzle inserts and removable metal nozzle). Our reshell process moves all original components, including the balanced armature driver, to a customized outer shell. After the reshell is complete, not only will the unique features and sound quality be preserved, but the overall fit and feel of the earphones will be one of total comfort, tailored to your ear. Our reshell program allows your SE846 earphones to reach their fullest potential, creating a near-perfect listening experience.


    #GODISLOVE #LEAR #Reshell #CustomMadeInEarMonitor


    All of our Custom made earphones and reshelling services are now included 3D scan(from physical ear impression) and store (Digital file)by us for free!

    No need to retake your impression for future orders!

    Wants more from our reshelling? Introducing LEAR’s earphone reshelling with additional driver service!

    Getting tired of your old pair of earphones, but don’t want to dump it yet? LEAR has the solution!
    By using LEAR’s earphone reshelling with additional driver service, not only could the earphones’ original specifications be refined, but the overall wearable experience could also boost!

    Enjoy the sound of your UE900/UE900S but wants more?

    Our Reshelling + additional driver upgrade service will help to improve the wearing comfort, fitting, and also the overall sound quality!
    The LEAR PATENTED 240-degree adjustable bass knob will help to customize your favorite sound and explore the new tuning which you have never experienced!

    The service is now including:
    +LEAR’s 8mm PEEK, dynamic driver,
    +LEAR’s own designed and stand-alone bass tube output.
    +LEAR's PATENTED adjustable knob for bass tuning.
    +FREE 3D scanning from your physical ear impression for future orders.

    This service is not just limited to only the UE900 or UE900S, to check with the compatibility, please feel free to send us an inquiry!

    WESTONE UM3X reshelling with additional driver


    Upgraded experience:
    By keeping the original tuning and sound of the original earphone, an additional LEAR's 8MM PEEK adjustable bass dynamic driver would enhance the user's experience with an average to an intense bass!
    Due to the change in low-frequency sound, a change would result in the full tone color. With this change, users not only own a pair of earphones better than the original but with an adjustable earphone to fit the user's preference accordingly.

    The SHURE SE425 that we are introducing today has undergone such enhancement!


    For highs and mids, SE425’S original balanced armature was keeping. 

    For bass, we used LEAR’s 8mm PEEK dynamic driver.

    The dynamic driver and the “Acoustic Low Pass Filter” design, together with LEAR’s patented 240-degree knob switch alters the driver to 1 dynamic driver and 2 balanced armature hybrids. 

    This service does keep not only the original timbre but also enhances the bass. 

    From improving the thickness and sonority of sound to allowing listeners to adjust the bass intensity; 

    The service upgrades your earphone, making it even better than a newly bought one!

    Socket types

    Standard 2Pin(0.78mm) and MMCX is available for free.

    +HK$380 for recessed 2Pin(0.78mm) socket.

    The Combo Con is a new earphone connector that can be replaced when necessary!

    Combo Con™ is dividing into Part A, Part B, and Part C.
    Part A has built into the earphone body, Part B is a replaceable part, and Part C is a male plug corresponding to the former two.
    Since the conventional earphone socket has fixed into the earphone, various quality problems may occur after the long-term operation, such as metal oxidation, loose pins or bad contact, etc. Unfortunately, these problems can not be replaced easily by manufacturers or consumers; the earphone directly becomes garbage.
    The above is undoubtedly has a negative impact on consumers and the global environment!
    With the Combo Con™, because Part B is a consumable part, it can be replaced when necessary, at the same time, to take care of the consumers who are using the popular socket standard, the Part B is specially designed to be MMCX standard, compatible with existing earphone cables, so in case of problems, the user can replace it easily, which can solve the above issues, thereby greatly prolonging the life cycle of the product and also make a contribution to environmental protection!

    Engraving (Mono color)

    Pictures or words can be engraved on the faceplate.  Designs and colors can be different on either sides.

    Price: HK$698 /pair

    (Please provide your own file:BMP, JPEG,PNG etc.)

    New High Definition custom color printing artwork service is now available for reshell/CM/LUF series!

    Extra $1198 per pair!

    *Please provide your own file in AI formats.

    Please feel free to pay us a visit for more information !


    Tel : (+852) 5469 9621

    WhatsApp:  (+852)5461 5513

    Email : info@lear.hk