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"LEAR" was first established in The People’s Republic of China in 2008 and was marketed and directed by Hong Kong Forever Source Digital. Our first product was an in-ear earphone which was called the "LEAR LE-01". This product showed our customers the high-quality sound we can create at a reasonable price that we offer.
Since 2009 LEAR's ownership has been transferred to Hong Kong Forever Source Digital. We are investing our effort and time in researching and developing the brand and bringing it to the next level.
Relying on the full support from our Mother Company- Hong Kong Forever Source Digital, one of the most well known Professional Portable Audio Products retailers in Hong Kong, we have grown even faster than before!

  • In 2010, We made our first portable headphone amplifier - the FSM-01 with a fresh and creative design!
  • In 2011, we successfully became the first and the only company, who had our CM (Custom Made) earphones 100% researched, developed and made in Hong Kong!
  • In 2012, We made a very flexible and functional high-quality portable headphone amplifier - the FSM-02, and it was sold out within 3 months
  • In 2012, Our flagship model and also the market’s first 5drivers CM which was 100% made in Hong Kong - the LCM-5 was born and has become a popular high-end CIEM for head-fiers and Pros.
  • In 2013, We launched our latest flagship portable headphone amplifier - the FSM-02V2 in Hong Kong and have been receiving orders from worldwide since then, let it impress you!
  • In 2014, We are proud to receive the "Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Award 2015" at the Harbour Grand Hotel from the renowned international business magazines publisher "Mediazone"
    2014, Our new flagship, the world's first dual dynamic and quad Balanced Armature drivers- LEAR LCM-BD4.2 is highly recommended by the professionals, such as:
  • The Head Phone List - Check out review
  • HeadFonia - Check out review
  • 6moons - Check out review
  • Head-Fier - Check out review
  • Professional blogger - Check out review

  • In 2016, We are proud to receive the "Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Award 2017" at the Harbour Grand Hotel from the renowned international business magazines publisher "Mediazone"
The "HKMVC" is the only yearly business Awards in Hong Kong regarded as "the Oscars of HK's business world". It's been around for the last 14 years, recognizing the companies that are making valuable contributions to our city.

  • In 2018,We invented our new acoustic structure called "Bearing Array Multi-Driver Acoustic Structure"(BAMDAS) and the world's first 5 dynamic driver in ear monitor- BAMDAS 5
  • In 2018,The BAMDAS 5 has obtained the VGP award

  • In 2018, Turbo is obtained the award from Headfonia :

  • In 2018,We've made the world's first Custom In Ear monitor with Hi-Res certified and our Hearing Care Guide for future earphone development.

  • In 2019, We've invented and patent pending the revolutionary earphone socket called "Combo Con™" that improves the earphone socket life cycle to almost forever!

  • In the end of 2019, LEAR LCM-Skyline has won the awards from HEADFONICS and Headfonia:

Keep an eye on our development, we hope to please you and hear you say "LEAR is cool!"
Thanks for all your kind support!